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BluVite Smart Ground is a multipurpose product for all vine varieties and new plant growth.

The liquid formulation and special composition make BluVite Smart Ground effective in the vegetative resumption phase by allowing the vine to optimize peak root activation. At flowering, the mixture applied in the soil allows biological synergy within the rhizosphere between the community of beneficial microorganisms and root capillitium, promoting the uptake of key elements for the structural growth of the plant. The application allows the biological bearing capacity of the soil to be improved, promoting the physiological activity of the vine at all phenological stages.


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BluVite Smart Ground

Main application

Multipurpose product for all vine varieties and new plant growth, allows the vine to optimize peak root activation.


BluVite Smart Ground consists of Magnesium Sulfate type VGR01, water type BWT01 and Inactive Yeast selection BluAgri FVA 18. Allowed in organic farming according to EU Regulation No. 2018/848

Method of use and doses

The product should be distributed as an aqueous mixture localized in the under-row zone, administered by fertigation or by means of a sprayer equipped with wide-hole nozzles. Employ a volume of water of 200 liters/ha or more in the latter case.

BluVite Smart Ground is to be used at a dose of 40 liters/ha at two times in the annual vine cycle: 20 liters/ha at weeping (BBCH 00-01) and 20 liters/ha at pre-flowering (BBCH 55-57).

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