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Solutions for Agronomists
Why it's a winning choice

Soil is the basis of life! A lung harboring a microbial universe weighing between 4 and 5 tons per hectare, a reservoir of biodiversity fundamental to food trophic chains and, therefore, to biological balance on planet Earth. The abundance of these microorganisms can reach levels as high as 1015 colony-forming units per gram of soil. It is a biological engine that acts as a flywheel for the life of more complex organisms, primarily plants. This zoological “superorganism” of the subsurface, when it enters the sphere of plant roots, the rhizosphere, is part of a complex food web that utilizes a large amount of nutrients released by the plant. The functioning and architecture of the entire root ecosystem depends on this complex network of relationships and transformations. The innumerable functions performed by microbial communities in relation to each other according to a biochemical scheme called “quorum sensing” must be triggered and activated to enhance their effects and maximize their performance. In this way at multiple levels, on the one hand in the rhizosphere, on the other in the lymphatic system, biological symbioses favorable for plant growth and well-being are established.

BluAgri solutions foster microbial communities in symbiosis with the plant and thus improve ecofunctionality in the soil for improved root establishment, promotion of root and vegetative growth, more efficient nutrient assimilation, enhanced tolerance to abiotic stresses, and induced disease resistance.
Years of field research have demonstrated the effectiveness of BluAgri lines dedicated to different crops, highlighting the results both at the microscopic level, through the metagenomic study of microbial biomass composition and its interaction with the plant, and at the macroscopic level, with biometric and physiological analyses of the efficiency of plant biological activities (growth, production, quality, shelf life).

The advantages

Bioavailability of nutrients, mobilization and increased uptake of elements locked in the soil
Increased and improved root architecture
Release of phytohormones for growth and stress resistance
Phytosiderophore production complex and assimilation of earthy metals
Release of humic and fulvic acids, complex constituents of organic matter

Case Studies

There are currently no open positions at our company.Discover our products for Agronomists

Solutions for Agricultural Entrepreneurs

BluAgri products are the ideal solution for professionals in the field of crops and/ or greenhouse: thanks to their particular action, they activate all the vital processes in the plant and soil.
One of the effects triggered by the application of BluAgri products is the radical proliferation, the real biological engine that increases the health and performance of the crop. The resulting effect is a general improvement of the well-being of the plant, starting from the root to leaves, flowers and fruits. From the first stages of development of the seedlings there will be a remarkable homogeneity of growth, with an early entry into the growth phase.

The advantages

Balance and root development
Easy access to nutrients
Increased resistance to weather changes
Easy crop management
Increase in yields

In recent years, counteracting the effect of climate change by ensuring business profitability is increasingly difficult and this requires the use of innovative agronomic techniques and solutions. The BluAgri proposals are aimed at maintaining the integrity and fertility of the soil with healthy and natural means, allowed in organic farming, without the intake of synthetic substances. The results obtained in recent years show that a quality and profitable crop is also possible by reducing the intake of chemical fertilizers. Try us to give a turn to your field and rediscover the pleasure of collecting the fruits of the earth.

Achieved results

There are currently no open positions at our company.Discover our products for Agricultural Entrepreneurs


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