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BluAgri is aware that safeguarding the soil and its biodiversity is a “lead target” for a new agriculture. Attention to the soil aims to generate economic and environmental wealth by preserving its organic integrity, because this is where the future, life, a plant, a crop are born from. The environmental challenge of our time is to maintain functional biological cycles and not interfere with the laws of nature and rather evolve with it for a healthier future, because soil is life. Man continually alters this ecosystem, and to reverse this pattern we in BluAgri have made our own an innovative and sustainable approach that we have achieved with brilliance, research, experience and healthy madness.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”
Saint Exupéry


Humanity must play a role not of dominating nature, but of supporting and preserving it to ensure future generations have a tomorrow.

Achieving this goal requires revolutionary and ambitious choices that the European Union has mapped out by imposing climate neutrality in 2050. BluAgri in years of research and implementation of its application programs of technical solutions in the field, has anticipated this “ecological transition” by taking a systemic and multidisciplinary approach to the subject. A sector as pivotal socially, environmentally and economically as agriculture has embarked on a path of upgrading the common program implementation schemes, where the CAP in its Pillars, with the “Green New Deal” and “From Farm to Fork” schemes, provides an action plan to 2027 aimed at:

reducing the use of chemical pesticides by 50 percent;
reducing fertilizer use by at least 20%;
reducing nutrient loss by at least 50%;
reducing the sale of antimicrobial substances by 50%;
investing at least 25 percent of the agricultural area in organic farming;
in general promote efficient use of resources by moving to a clean and circular economy;
restore biodiversity and reduce pollution.

Achieving this will require, among other planned actions in all sectors of the economy, investing in environmentally friendly technologies and promoting a greener common agricultural policy that is based on strengthening good farming practices.

BluAgri invests its resources so as to support and assist its farmers in this transition by supplementing their technical means so that they are facilitated in identifying the best technical agronomic strategy and achieve sustainable and profitable quality.

The farmer, who relies on ancient farming methods and observes the cycles of the moon to know when it is time to sow, seems an archetype consigned to literature, in an age when the most advanced technologies have come to the fields overwhelming ancient teachings and superstitions.

However, there are farmers who are going against the tide, defying trends and proposals of great forced productivity in order to recover natural methods: they live and work on organic farms, under the banner of a science that rejects all chemical products (fertilizers, fungicides) to use natural elements and substances contained in the plant world.


Ecology - Ethics - Equilibrium

In fact, if at first one approaches the world of agriculture out of simple passion and love for Ecology and begins to have a greater Ethics for the use of raw materials, later, one feels the desire to want to learn even more and thus begins to reflect on the delicate Equilibrium of Nature and the biological forces that in small and great ways govern the universe.


We take care of the top 30 centimeters of soil naturally; thus we increase the quality and quantity of yields and improve the health of crops by maximizing their response to environmental stresses.

When you harvest a handful of soil from your field, you are holding more living organisms than there are people on Earth!

Every day, the plant and its roots seal a pact with the soil and its microorganisms: the action of our products encourages their incessant work in the soil and exchange with the roots, which release some of the sugars processed from carbon from CO2 in the air.

Anticipating the future, we direct companies toward a modern, sustainable and efficient agriculture made of healthy and resilient crops without negative impacts on the environment.

This is why BluAgri has developed a range of products from natural and quality raw materials, tested and certified, that can be used in organic farming, to support large and small farmers who want to face the challenges of the future with awareness: a new impetus to a modern agriculture, in line with sustainable development, giving the possibility to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in favor of natural soil fertility.

Discover BluAgri products

The result of years of experience, experimentation and research, thanks to BluAgri products it is possible to bring new vitality and health to soil and plants, allowing, even on conventionally managed farms, a reduction of more than 50% of chemical inputs, thus developing sustainable ecological perspectives for the agriculture of the future.


Organic matter
and the role of green manures

soil fertility, from research
to practical results in the vineyard

Growing in balance with nature means:

Increasing the natural quantity and quality of production, ensuring greater plant and animal welfare.
Improving the health of all organisms, from micros to plants to animals.
Maximize response to environmental stresses, increasing the natural resilience of plants.
Use sustainable and non-toxic raw materials in the formulation of each of our products and in the various applications (prints, colors, paints, packaging etc.) taking advantage of recycled materials wherever possible in a circular economy perspective.


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