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For BluVite – BluVite Pro – BluVite Red the composition is:
Mine sulfur + Kieserite ( Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) + amino acids and peptides from yeast derivative (BluAgri selection).

For BluVite Easy – BluVite Easy Red – BluVite Easy Pro the composition is:
Kieserite (Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) + amino acids and peptides from yeast derivative (BluAgri selection).

BluVite is a SOIL ACTIVATOR that allows for the restoration of microbiological fertility (specifically the bacterial component) and the enhancement of root emission by the plant (with increased nutrient uptake).
BluVite thus increases rooting and enables the uptake of elements locked in the soil (phosphorus, potassium, iron etc).
Activating action is provided by peptides and amino acids obtained from yeast derivative that have direct action on bacterial metabolism. The formulation of BluVite preparations is also enhanced by specific processing of the raw material, which is the result of experiments by BluAgri R&D and which remains covered by trade secret.

The first treatment should be made at the bleeding, when the soil temperature begins to rise and coincides with the time of maximum root growth.

It is repeated at pre-flowering to promote proper fruit set and homogeneous development of the berries.

However, from numerous trials done in the field, BluVite has been found to be effective on the final result (grapes) even with distributions made at 30-40 cm shoot. This allows the first distribution to be made even by May.

*It should be remembered that normally the 2nd application coincides with the period of defense treatments. For this reason, it is recommended to include a reminder in the schedule and, for sellers, a memo call to the customer.

The BluAgri technical group has also developed BluVite ReVive: a product specifically for the second stage of root growth which occurs post-harvest. BluVite ReVive maximizes the effectiveness of the BluVite line by enhancing root development, nutrient mobilization, proper lignification of shoots and accumulation of reserve nutrients critical for spring restart.

The product should be premixed in water in a bucket and added to the mixer while keeping the agitator running. The volume of water to be used is 200-250 l/ha. The minimum volume of water is 150 liters.
It is possible, for all products, to increase the volume of distribution water as long as the dosage per hectare of BluVite is met.
For water volumes of less than 150 liters, the use of BluVite Easy is recommended, which does not involve pre-mixing since the product is 100% soluble.

Following mixing, the product should be distributed by keeping the mixture in constant agitation. Distribution should be localized along the sub-row strip using drift-proof nozzles. For larger distribution volumes, it is possible to adapt the sprayer with side showers or simply remove the nozzles. It is essential not to spray the mixture so as not to disperse the product in the air in case of wind.

In any case, it is preferable not to change the habits of the customer, making them use the machinery, speed, pressure and volumes of water they normally use, and choose the most suitable product.

BluVite does not require ploughing and can be distributed on either tilled or grassed sub-row. Numerous trials have been conducted in distribution:
With high grass (50 cm), on open and then closed sub-row, and with distribution after closure. In all cases BluVite maintained its efficacy.

The BluAgri R&D team identified 18 kg/ha (targeted to the sub-row) as the right dosage to fulfill the microbiota activation action.
To maximize the use of machines and equipment already on the premises.

Absolutely not. From tests conducted by the BluAgri technical group, we have found that the product does not degrade and still remains active.

Specific, fully soluble products have been developed for fertigation: BluVite Easy, BluVite Easy Red and BluVite Easy Pro should be distributed at 8 kg/ha in two applications (4 kg/ha per application).

No, the sulfur in the BluVite formulation has never caused burns to the young shoots of the rooted cuttings, even when distributed with a conventional sprayer.
The sulfur used in BluVite is 100% mine sulfur and is a guarantee compared to synthetic sulfur.

For new plantings, we recommend the use of BluVite Root 1 and 2 to promote the emission of new roots and homogeneously enrich the rooted cuttings.

Quantities of sulfur >10 are needed to lower soil pH. The 18 kg/ha of BluVite does not affect soil pH.

The special selection of sulfur and the special processing applied exerts a key component in the enzymatic life mechanisms of soil bacterial populations.

The sulfur component is also present in the Easy version in the form of sulfate (kieserite), which, thanks to BluAgri’s special production processes, exerts the same mechanisms of action on soil bacteria.

The distributed product begins to act immediately on soil bacteria.

The action of BluVite is immediate (see point 15) and results can be appreciated as early as a few weeks after application, as evidenced by the thousands of field surveys carried out by BluAgri agronomists and the copious confirmations received from user customers. The application of BluVite aims at the reorganization of soil microorganisms interacting with the plant root system. In some soils this system of interaction can be compromised to such an extent that BluVite apparently does not seem to yield palpable results. Restarting a rusty machine that has been neglected for years takes time. This is why consistency and annual cadence of applications with BluVite is important, which will bring plants to the maximum expression and stabilization of their natural vegetative and productive balance.

Example of before/after 2 weeks after application:


  • BluVite has a strong action in increasing plant rooting
  • By mobilizing elements locked in the soil, it increases nutrient uptake
  • It improves grape health and lengthens the harvest window
  • Plants are healthier and more efficient by overcoming stress more quickly
  • To obtain better grapes organoleptically, with more balanced phenolic, aromatic, mineral, etc. endowments
  • To maximize the nutritional effect of the fertilizers used
  • To increase lignification and restore reserve substances in exhausted/exploited vineyards
  • To restore fertility in soils that have been overburdened/leached or where the fertile layer (first 30 cm of soil) has been compromised/removed.
  • To aid proper root development in new plantings and have even growth throughout the plot
  • To reduce scald on bunch and avoid water stress
  • For vineyards where there is no irrigation system or in hilly areas
  • To have over the years vineyards more and more resistant to atmospheric stresses such as frost, hail and high temperatures as BluVite allows for rapid and complete wound healing (hail), shoot regrowth (frost) and mitigation of high leaf wall temperature due to the perfect function of lymphatic flow (high temperatures).

The difference is dictated by the type of amino acids and peptides selected by BluAgri and the production process applied to the raw material.

Not directly, but a healthy plant is able to metabolize more defense substances resulting in less susceptibility to pathogen attacks.
BluVite increases plant resilience but does not replace plant defense treatments.

No, BluVite has no action on esca disease but can improve the health condition of the plant and limit the occurrence of symptoms.

No, BluVite does not contain bacteria but reactivates native microbial populations in the soil.

Does BluVite anticipate bud break?
No, bud break is genetic and occurs naturally with the spring rise in temperatures.

Certainly yes. In nature there are populations of endobacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen (78% of air) up to 800 kg/ha of N (in pastures with legumes). With the use of BluVite, it is possible to make efficient bacterial populations in the vineyard that fix large amounts of nitrogen (for free), making the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers unnecessary.

Yes, all BluAgri products are of natural origin and registered/permitted for organic, the full list of registered products can be found at under: services>consultation>fertilizer and manufacturer registers>organic use fertilizer register > BluAgri.

Yes, weed control is a treatment that impacts the type of bacterial species in the soil, but not their numbers. The numerous scientific studies have shown that if weeding is limited to a few interventions per year, microbial populations are able to overcome the stress caused by herbicide application.
As a result of numerous investigations carried out by the BluAgri technical group, no decrease in the efficacy of BluVite has been found in weeded soils.

Please remember that the amount of water used in the treatment can be significantly increased in times of drought. We assure that this does not affect the effectiveness of the product.


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