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BluVite ReVive is a fertilizer with combined and synergistic action in promoting proper soil microbiota development.

Useful as a revitalizing treatment in overburdened and leveled soils, or in situations of altered soil microbial fertility. Its specific formulation also enables action on increasing the accumulation of reserves in wood. The use of BluVite ReVive should be combined with that of BluVite/BluVite Red/BluVite Pro, also in Easy version, in order to prolong its action and physiological potential.

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BluVite ReVive

Main application

Fertilizer with combined and synergistic action in promoting proper soil microbiota development.


BluVite ReVive consists of Magnesium Sulfate type VT0RE, Kaolin type kaolin02 and Inactive Yeast selection BluAgri FVA 18. Allowed in organic farming according to EU Regulation No. 2018/848

Method of use and doses

It is recommended that the product be mixed in a little water and then brought up to volume in the barrel using a distribution rate of 200 liters/ha or more, keeping the solution in constant agitation and spraying the product evenly in the sub-row

BluVite ReVive is to be distributed after mixing in water, localized on the ground in the sub-row zone at a dose of 10 kg/ha from post-harvest until the onset of early winter cold

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